We have two Primary classrooms available for children 3 years (by September) to 6 years old. This program is 5 days (Monday-Friday). Students can enroll for a half-day schedule (3 hours morning or 3 hours afternoon) or a full-day schedule (till 3 pm). Your child will need to bring their own lunch if enrolled in our full day program which will be eaten in their classroom. Your child is also expected to be fully toilet trained.

Both of our Primary classrooms are fully equipped and styled in a home-like fashion. In the Primary program your child will start becoming more independent and self-confident. As most of your child’s movement abilities are being perfected rapidly but at different rates, the teacher will tailor a unique learning program in both academics and whole muscle skills for each child. Repetitions are done in an easy way not to affect your child’s learning process or spirit. The constant interaction with others improves your child’s language ability and sense of community. Often older children assist younger children. Your child remains in the same classroom for three consecutive years with an option for a fourth year for first grade.  

As this is an “education for life” it needs to be internalized, and three years is the appropriate amount of time for this internalization of skills learned in the classroom.  At CMS, we believe this strong foundation will provide your child with life-long love of learning and adaptability to be successful in our rapidly changing world.


Countryside Montessori School  -  Toddler through First Grade